What Treatment?

My treatment focuses on the musculo-skeletal system (the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues) and the way in which this inter-relates with the body as a whole. It combines scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology and clinical methods of investigation. Thus I can diagnose and treat faults which occur because of injury, stress or perhaps disease, to enable the musculo-skeletal system to work as efficiently as possible, allowing the body to restore itself to normal function. A caring approach and attention to the individual is particularly important. After treatment, I can advise on maintaining a realistic level of health and avoiding those things which might be damaging. For example, remedial exercises to adjust posture or advice on diet and lifestyle can be given as part of a personal health care programme.

What about treatment?

To carry out treatment I use a variety of manipulative techniques. These may include soft tissue stretching, rhythmic passive joint movements or high velocity thrust techniques to improve the movement range of a joint. Gentle release techniques are often used, particularly when treating children or elderly patients.

The cranial approach uses very gentle techniques in which a highly trained sense of touch is used to identify and correct disturbances and limitations of tissue mobility not only in and around the joints of the skull but throughout the body.